"I think it should be remembered that characters in a short story have not the size and importance and capacity for development they have in a novel, but are subservient altogether to the story as a whole."

- Eudora Welty

4th of July - X

As it turns out I’ve never seen The DaVinci Code. I have however seen National Treasure, and confused the two.

…Kind of a lot.

Anacrusis (n.)

"Unstressed syllable at the beginning of a verse," 1833.

Latinized from Greek anakrousis ”a pushing back,” of a ship, “backing water,”
from anakrouein ”to push back, stop short, check,”
from ana- ”back” + krouein ”to strike,”
from PIE *kreue- ”to push, strike”
cf. Russian krusit, Lithuanian krusu ”to smash, shatter,”
Old Church Slavonic kruchu ”piece, bit of food,”
Old English hreowian ”feel pain or sorrow,”
Old Norse hryggja ”make sad”.

“My narrators aren’t English professors, and I don’t want them to sound like they are.”

Someone Who Really Needn’t Worry About That (via thenotes)

Something I have not yet figured out how to explain or write about in a way that will be either purgative or cathartic is how much I hate Brett Easton Ellis.

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I wanted to pray, when I became aware of a bewildering rustling. Persons whom I knew to be gentle were distorted into the wildest caricatures. Heads moved along on crickets’ legs attached to their ears and sneered at me. Strange fowl - ravens with human faces - whirled in the air. I recognized the concettmaster from B. with his sister, to danced madly to a waltz which her brother played on his chest, which served as a violin. Belcampo, with an ugly lizard’s face and mounted on a ghastly winged worm, violently approached me and wanted to comb my beard with a red hot iron comb…”

- E.T.A. Hoffmann


encaustic tests, 2012

Hey everybody.  I’m getting back on the internet.  I’ll write a big long post about life at some point soon.  For now I’m just trying to figure out how the hell to use tumblr and wordpress and all of these other things.  I feel like things were a lot easier to understand when it was just filezilla, notepad and me.  

Take note, friends. A genuine rebirthing is a rare thing to behold.

Q: The king is dead. Do you suspend his head from the ceiling and bury his body beneath the floorboards so that his heart might float at eye level?

A: Get in the fucking robot.



“the wasted time walking around the bookstore”

“the wasted time walking around the bookstore”

“the wasted time walking around the bookstore”

f u

yesterday i had a three-hour long conversation about the rise of netflix/amazon as media distribution conglomerates and whether we’d ever see them turn into some sort of InterLace Video model. in the next 10 years, the physical book will be bounded only by Print-on-Demand machines. bookstores will serve only a niche clientele who still want the book because they’re uncomfortable reading on tablets or personal computers. it’s no small surprise to the publishing industry that the models of distribution are rapidly changing, but amazon and, to some extent, the individual houses are trying to preserve as much of the current models as they can. it’s a real pity that so many people these days would rather buy a book for $4 on their e-reader rather than take the wasted time they’d spend updating the software of their technology just to be able to read the new janet evanovich or whatever and go out and support their local independent bookstores.  but hey, people are still reading regardless of the medium, and that’s pretty okay. 

it would be interesting to see a subscription model like with netflix and HBOgo arise in the book world; $300 a year for instant access to new and backlist titles, or pay by month. there are economical ways to shift the trend of e-reading back to the physical book, but it’s really futile. 

at least i can say that at no point in my life will i ever disregard the physical book for a digital copy, unless i had no choice but to do so. it’ll be a sad day, but it’s imminent, and as long as good authors are putting out good books, somebody’s doing something right.

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